my activities in the last week

 last week at 05.00 am I woke up, my activities on my next to the bathroom for morning ablutions and prayers, after that I do not forget to clean the bed and then I work out at 06.00 am, 07.00 am and then I wash clothes, after washing my clothes shower, and eat breakfast.

                10:00 am I was watching television activities until midday prayer. then I pray that I learned after midday until 14.00 pm
after that I was ironing clothes to go to school tomorrow.

                after 15:30 pm. I went back to work and continue learning the Asr prayer. after learning I went there to play to Monas photo eating together and I love being able to play with friends and I returned back home at 20:00 pm
   That’s my story in the last week


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