Religious tours to historical places

February 27, 2013,

          20:30, my family and I went to visit a tourist spot in the western Java city of Cirebon, we visited the tomb (Sunan sharif hidayatullah)
He was a great scholar in West Java called Walisongo. He was also on the call with the name of the Sunan gunung jati

          Sunan mountain teak is one of her Walisongo who spread the religion of Islam in West Java, in the place my family and I pray for Sunan sharif hidayatullah, I also pray to Allah for me and family in order to provide safety in the world and in the Hereafter and in sins forgiven .

          after the city of Cirebon we continued on to the west Java city ciamis to a large lake that is so beautiful there, I spend time with a family gathered together to worship,

          I take pictures and eat with my family. I also ride a boat there, together we passed 2 days it feels wonderful.

          I get a lot of experience there, I was happy to visit the city of Cirebon and ciamis.
so my holiday story



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