Religious tourism to the history of Islam

February 27th, 2013, I was with the family traveled to the city of Cirebon religion, to the tomb of Sunan mountain teak (sharif hidayatullah) dalah one of the greatest scholars in Java called Walisongo.

Sunan Gunung Jati is the only Walisongo the spread of Islam in West Java. we came for pilgrimage there, where we pray for the forgiveness of sins to God and ask for the safety of the afterlife. I got a lot of experience.

then the next day we visited a lake in the city of West Java, namely dananu ciamis Panjalu, the scenery is so beautiful, where we boarded the boat around the lake. my family is very happy to visit there also once traveled to worship the gods. places we visited contains history,
The first history of the early spread of Islam in Java. so my holiday story


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